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Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring Tower Packing
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Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring Tower Packing

Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring Tower Packing

Owing to this pack’ s shape is like saddle, so called saddle ring or Berl Ring. The earliest saddle ring’ s material is ceramic. In our actual application, when gas flows upward, liquid
will flow downward along with arc channel. This Movement way will directly reduce wall flow’ s happening. However, Arched external frame also cause overlapping & bridging . Therefore, scientists change two ends into rectangle type contact surface. This improvement will reduce bridging’ happen.


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Advantage of Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring Tower Packing

1.A lot of traffic. Good loading elasticity. Good stain resistance.

2.Strong corrosion resistance. Easy to operate. Economical


Product Detailed Pictures

interlox saddle ring plastic interlox saddle ring tower packing


Technical Data


Size mm Surface area m2/m3 Void fraction % Bulk number pieces/m3
25 288 85 128400
38 265 95 57300
50 250 96 11600
76 200 97 5500


Prodution Process

Package Description


Package Carton Box, Woven Bag,Ton Bag, Wooden case
Container 20GP 40GP 40HQ Normal order Mininum order Sample order
Quantity 22CBM 44CBM 55CBM less than 22CBM 1CBM less than 5pcs
Delivery time 7days 14days 20days 7days 3days stock

Factory Advantage

Professional Mass Transfer Manufacturer
Digital Manufacturing Workshop Product Design and Customize Technical Support


Customer Service


Annual production :30,000 cubic meters

Production Capacity:28 advanced streamlined production lines

Well-established R&D capabilities

Designer with 15 years' experience

One set of work from project design, purchase,construction to  operation ,to provide customer a comprehensive solution.



1.Used in chlor-alkali industry, metallurgical industry and chemical industry.

2.Applied to desulfurization, decarbonization, nitric acid, nitrate absorption operation.

3.Used in various packed towers, such as drying towers, absorption towers, scrubbers and cooling towers.




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