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About Us

Factory simple introduction:

PingXiang Fxsino Petrochemical packing was constructed in 1998,locating in Anyuan Industrial Park, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. we mainly engage in the processing and manufacturing  plastic packing, metal packing, ceramic packing, tower internals, and tower vessels.

Our Capacity and strength:

The workshop adopts a five position integrated operation layout. The world's first 5G+intelligent manufacturing digital factory in the field of mass transfer, innovatively integrating Germany's "Industry 4.0" automated production technology.

5G+VR allows domestic and foreign customers to remotely visit the base in 3D panoramic mode and easily grasp the order situation through authorized sharing.

The injection molding workshop has 28 advanced streamlined production lines.Private customized flexible production can also be accepted, which only takes 15 working days from design to sampling to finished product

The metal structured packing workshop has an annual output of 30000 cubic meters of finished products 

And the metal random packing workshop adopts automatic equipment with 300000 maintenance free and 500000 repair free times, and an annual production capacity of 20000 cubic meters.

The tower internal workshop is equipped with fully automatic degreasing and air drying, acid washing and passivation equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers.

The tower workshop has obtained the A2 pressure vessel qualification and is equipped with advanced equipment such as CNC rolling machine, automatic submerged arc welding, CNC plasma cutting machine, inspection room, etc..

The mold workshop developed a fully automatic and efficient integrated stamping die to break the curse of low efficiency and high risk of metal fillers.

An intelligent three-dimensional warehouse with the largest single cargo space was established with WMS and WCS systems to calculate and schedule the entire vertical warehouse to achieve the interconnection of all things and goods

5G+PatrolRobot conducts uninterrupted inspections of the entire factory's safety, fire protection, and 7S on-site management.

Technology support:

With the technical support of Tianjin University, East China University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua University. we are engaged in the research and development of chemical separation technology and tower internals and products. We cooperated with the installation and after-sales team to achieve a one-stop service and deliver perfect products with peace of mind. 

Our myth:

We will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "abandon some of old rules for better development,never stop our step forwarding for past achievements". Providing high-quality service is our eternal commitment.

Core Products:

Mass transfer products in petrochemical packing field including plastic random packing, metal random packing, metal structured plate packing, plastic corrugated plate packing, water treatment fillers etc....

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