T type parallel-plate structure packing

It is  the most efficient heat-recovery media for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). Widely apply in various configurations allowing units to be designed specifically to maximize thermal efficiency or resistance to plugging,or minimize bed height or pressure drop.

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T type parallel-plate structure packing:

It is a high efficiency media which combinated high heat capacity and low pressure drop.

Structural features:

1. Each piece ceramic sheet top & bottom has cross-distributed ceramic support strip, as long as  two sheets connect to form "T" inner channel, this channel has not only provide big heat storage space, but also promote heat flow evenly-distribution.

2. When gas passing through “T” channel,once the particles block one channel, gas will flow into the other side channel. In some way, this movement model overcome uneven heating caused by channel blockage.It can effectively resist thermal stress

3. Owing to “T” type parallel-plate packing was posted by many ceramic sheets, according to your construction requirements, it is very easy to assemble your suitable size block. Meanwhile, when one block temperature is too high, the clay at two ceramic sheet posted position will automatically break instead of the whole blocks bursting and indirectly protect the integrity of the thermal storage layer.

Physical Prppeties:

Heat Capacity(kj/m³-)

Weight (Kg/m³)

Void ratio(%)

Specif gravity of ceramic





Water absorption(ASTM C373)

Acid resist strength wt loss(ASTM C279)

Maximum temperature

Cold crushing temperature (lb/ft²)





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